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Silver Bandage is a new innovative bandage that is compatible with today’s touchscreen devices. Its Dual Silver Protection Technology, contains Silver a natural antibacterial agent that provides 2x protection against bacteria and germs.  Lab test results show that our bandage is more effective against staphylococcus aureus and klebsiella pneumoniae than any other bandage. 

Silver ions on the wound pad and natural silver thread woven into the bandage fabric, are key factors in the revolutionary antibacterial Dual Silver Protection Technology™.  The bandage pad is also non-stick and pain free with 3x better absorbency than a standard bandage.  Our bandage retains its flexibility and toughness, while having many benefits over competitor products.  All these attributes make Silver Bandage the smartest choice on the market!


From the beginning, Silver Bandage has been committed to creating the highest quality bandage on the market.  With the rise of global pandemics, our innovations focused on creating a product that would provide protection from infections and pathogens.  While retaining a practical use in today’s technological world, our bandage is the world’s first to contain antibacterial and conductive properties compatible with touchscreen devices.   


Keeping true to our commitment against global health crises, we pledge to donate products to local and national blood drives.  As well as, donating supplies to reputable organizations and hospitals working to eradicate the risk of future global epidemics and pandemics.


For thousands of years, silver has been used by the world’s ancient civilizations as a natural healing agent.  The use of silver’s medical preservation and restorative properties can be traced back to both ancient Greece and Rome.  The Greek physician Hippocrates, known as the "Father of Medicine," used natural silver to heal wounds and control the spread of germs and diseases.  Silver was employed as one of the world’s first known germicides, long before the development of modern pharmaceuticals.


In the 1900’s, scientists rediscovered the benefits of silver by observing its natural molecular properties that fight against bacteria and germs.  Their research identified that silver interrupts bacteria cells from forming the chemical bonds essential to their survival.  For these reasons, Silver Bandage are especially valuable in stopping pathogens and speeding healing times in treating all wounds from cuts, scrapes, and burns.

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